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FOX Business
Mar 2, 2014 12:00am EST
they will be injured because they taxed while walng. >>. [laughter] you may fall into a pool or ge hit by a car some people wonder what past texting and walking. people can do two things accidents will happen but they always have. my own grandfather was killed by a bus whe he crossed the street while a reading a book. i am surprised they have not been an brooks. below riley -- bill o'reilly says now there are more school shootings and olence. is true to see that access a and nasty stuff but where is the evidence of harm? there isn't any. if japan can spend more time playing violent games with there is less violent sanded america internet use has grown of violence is down. it dropped 55%. despite the media hype there are fewer school shootings. if bill o'reilly were on tv in the '50s he would talk about comic books causing juvenile delinquency. superman embodied sadistic fantasies particularly injurious to children. maybe you should just ignore the older generation. ♪ yes the culture that when sex is pushing i kids i cringe so i am surprised by what this grandmother said. >> no. i think she is won
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1